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Many readers are aware of a growing trend among some men to use Botox injections to “smooth out” their member and sack skin. Now it has been revealed that there are some doctors who are using Botox to help a man achieve or maintain a tumescent male organ. Clearly Cam Atkinson Blue Jackets Jersey , this raises issues around the subject of male organ health and safety, as well as questions about whether these treatments are effective.

About Botox

Most people have heard of Botox, but what is it exactly? Technically, Botox is a brand name which refers to onabotulinumtoxinA, a form of the neurotoxic protein called botulinum toxin. Botulinum toxin Brandon Saad Blue Jackets Jersey , in its natural form, is a very dangerous poison, the cause of botulism. The form used in clinical purposes is less dangerous; however, it does carry the risk of side effects, some of which can be serious or even life-threatening.

Botox was originally used as a medicine to fight a range of muscle spasm issues. However Brandon Dubinsky Blue Jackets Jersey , it gained popularity after it was discovered that it could be used to fight wrinkles and smooth out skin, making a person appear younger. Many women (and men) have gone to a doctor and suffered having needles ejected into their faces in order to remove the evidence of their age.

As mentioned, it was more recently determined that injecting Botox into the manhood and sacks helped smooth out those body parts as well – and some men have opted for this treatment.

Tumescent male organ use

But there have also been a few studies that focus on what else might happen if Botox was injected into the member – specifically, would it have any effect on a tumescent male organ? And at least two studies indicate that it can.

Early on seed release

An animal study indicated that Botox injections might help a tumescent male organ delay seed release. Since early on seed release is a common issue among men – and since even those who typically are not early on may wish to find a way to last even longer – this development could be of interest if it works.

In the animal study, the Botox was injected directly into the bulbospongius muscle Boone Jenner Blue Jackets Jersey , which is used in the release process. The injection partially paralyzed the muscle, so that it did not go to work as early as it typically does. In the animal model, typical release occurred after 6 ½ minutes; those who were Botox injected lasted ten minutes.

A clinical trials in humans is ongoing; it will be interesting to see if there are similar results in human males.

Tumescence dysfunction

The other possible therapeutic area for Botox involved getting a tumescent male organ in the first place. In this instance, the tablet relaxes the smooth muscle of the manhood, which should allow for easier Anton Forsberg Blue Jackets Jersey , fuller blood flow into the member. A small clinical trial in humans was promising, although larger trials are needed to determine its real effectiveness – and what the proper dose should be. (Relaxing the smooth muscle too much for too long could bring about unwanted priapism.)

Men who are interested in using Botox for their tumescent male organ should realize that the FDA has not approved its use for these purposes yet. There is still a lot that is not known, and as stated, there are some substantial risks associated with Botox.

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