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tomrichard618 Décembre 7 '17
Best Jordans Shoes will be dropping a City Pack coming equipped with the basketball cities of the current crop of Signature Stars. Our first look is that of the KD X.Playing off of his current team the Golden State Warrior's hometown, the shoe comes with a Game Royal upper, with teal hits across the shoe. On the tongue of the shoe is the Golden Gate Bridge, as well as a Chinese Dragon, paying tribute to the fact that San Francisco has the largest Chinatown in the US. The shoe is finished with a translucent outsole with a red stripe.
The Latest Jordans Shoes wil join the Air Joran 6 as part of the Chinese New Year festivities.The shoe will utiize a black upper, with various CNY releated decals and graphics adorned on the upper. On the heel is a black and red colorway.The midsole is done up in white, with red Jumpman branding. Lastly, is a clear outsole to finish up the shoe.Look for the shoe to hit stores in January of 2018.
Cheap Jordan Shoes has currently won the most prize money of any skateboarder in history. Still only 23, Huston has his whole career ahead of him, and Nike SB is rewarding him with his own sig shoe.Inspired by the Nike Presto and Free Run, the shoe doesn't use air technology, and will actually utilize the cushioning system we've seen on Free Runs past.No word on a release date just yet, but pick it up in 2018.
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