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Want to take a closer look at what’s going to be consuming your life from September 27 onwards? Good, because EA Sports have just launched the latest trailer for FIFA 20, which showcases some of the new features and improvements to the franchise.

EA Sports follow up the first cheap fifa 20 coins trailer that dropped back in June with a new gameplay trailer that reveals all the new tweaks and improvements that feature in this season’s instalment of the hugely popular game. Despite Konami’s best efforts to ruin things for the purists this time around, EA have focused on improving their gameplay, with changes to set-pieces, controlled tackling, strafe dribbling, composed finishing, and more set to bring a new dynamic to the game. Yeah, we'll all probably whinge about it at first until we get the hang of it.
With regards to the new set-pieces, FIFA 20 will now offer players the ability to pick their target using the right analog stick – something that makes a welcome return after its first appearance back on FIFA 02. You can then add curl, dip or extra power, hopefully making it a bit easier to take advantage of dead ball situations.

The new gameplay will encourage more attacking, allowing players to have more control over the decisive moments. Improved ball physics will also create more realistic ball movements, bounces and shots, while changes to the 1v1 battles mean there will be more opportunities to get past your opponent, whilst also giving defenders a wider range of skills to win the ball back.

Yeah, OK, so if you want to play as Juventus you’ll have to put up with the team being called Piemonte Calcio, but come September, you know where we'll be.Want to buy mut 19 coins from www.futcoin.com

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