Is the golden globes a gift for Christmas sur le blog de fifacoinslol

Ronaldo did not accidentally win the "French football" "golden globe" trophy, and after he won the trophy again, he was interviewed by the media. Ronaldo first said it was an unforgettable year. 

"I feel very happy, this is a wonderful moment in my career. I've been waiting for this moment for a long time, and this year was great, we got the champions league and the la liga trophy LOLGA, the personal level, I was the top scorer in the champions league. The trophy helped me win this award, and I must thank my teammates in Real Madrid and Portugal. It's very important to me." 

Is the golden globes a gift for Christmas? "Another baby... No, it's a joke. I will enjoy these children now, four children. I want seven golden globes, seven kids."

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