NBA 2K17 & November 26: Snoop Dogg Will Launch MyPark After Dark sur le blog de nba2kmt

Having said that: "basketball never stops." Obviously, the concept have been adopted by NBA 2K17, since it pertains to producing new content for their game. In September, before NBA 2K17 launched, it's said to be that a new enhancement feature coming to the MyPark mode. thanks to hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg, that feature will be launched. Due to NBA 2K17 was launched for a long time, many of players have been prepared for buying cheap NBA 2K17 MT PC.

On Nov. 26, MyPark After Dark will be available for gamers on PS4, Xbox One and PC. It’s essentially MyPark with a party atmosphere and some new mini-games. Aside from the neon colors and music–which is where Snoop comes in–there will also be mini-games such as a three-point shootout and a dunk contest. Keep in mind NBA 2K17 MT PS4 for sale.

It’s a wildly festive looking experience that will probably pique the curiosity of fans who don’t normally play MyPark. I’m not normally a MyPark player, but I’ll stop by after dark just to witness this for myself. This feature falls in line with one of the suggestions I made for the series in my most recent NBA 2K wishlist. Check the 7-minute mark of the video below to see what I’m referring to.

When it comes to Snoop, it soon to be the guest DJ for the launch event, what's more, he will be appearing as Snoopadelic, for the man, it's yet another persona, who has reinvented himself more times than I can count. However, as one of my personal favorites, during the forthcoming dates, the NBA 2K series continues to add layers to their game. It's no wonder that it's the best sports gaming franchise in existence. Speaking of cheap NBA 2K17 MT for sale, players have been full with excited.

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